Dr. phil. Brunhilde Sigrid Schweizer PhD (* 1942)
History of Art / History of Literature
History of Art / History of Literature
Political Science / Sociology
Sociology / Philosophy


Université Sorbonne, Paris, France
Universidad de Granada, Spain
Universidad de Granada, Spain
University of London (PhD), United Kingdom

Schweizer Artspace is intended to allow insight into the work of artists who represent
highly different biographies, work strategies and forms of artistic expression.
We represent a wide range of contemporary art practices - from minimalist works, oil
paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphic techniques to digital art. Works of art
should not be limited to merely a luxury product or a promising investment, even
though this may well be the case, but above all works of art should be regarded as
creative responses to our present and a perspective into our future - all of which we
should not set aside or ignore.

We aim to find new ways - ways that stimulate the need for art in a much broader
social context than those which are usually adopted regarding this special area
of human activity. The public often perceives gallery owners and art lovers as an
exclusive club to be avoided. We will strive to counteract this trend offering a
relaxed, cosmopolitan and personal atmosphere however never neglecting challenging
views and unexpected approaches.

We not only provide a location for the representation of art but also a platform for
debate where art enthusiasts and amateurs are encouraged to engage in stimulating
conversations about art and the world we live in which may result in inspiring insights.

We also want to be a platform for networking. The need for such a place as a marketing
tool, as an aid for customer orientation, an impulse to spread the artistic work and
increase the artists reputation is not negligible. The artist not only needs a
platform but also a showroom, a gallery where he can present his product range. We can
offer such a locality for the implementation of projects in Germany and Spain where
conversations, workshops, lectures and exhibitions can take place in a relaxed atmosphere.